Corporate Culture
Corporate Mission: Energy Innovation, and Serve the Society by Industry
Corporate Vision: Operator of Energy Internet System Solution
Corporate Spirit: Honesty from Power, Eternity from Innovation
  • Setup marketing and R&D team, and formulate a plan to make sure the missioncould be completed;

  • Setup Innovation Research Institute, an bring in chief scientist and push forwardR&D plan implementation;

  • Integrateglobal research institute resource, and establish combined research laboratorythrough R&D outsourcing;

  • Contributemicro Network and benchmark cases, and successfully declare government supportfunds and projects;

  • Plan,contribute and optimize industrial park, and become the industry travellingbenchmark enterprise;

  • Formulatea 3-8 year innovation action guideline, and guide industry transformation andobligation;

  • Formulate a market research planfor marketing center, and implement a special project for energy internetmarket analysis;

  • Combine the general project ofmarketing performance planning, and formulate a 3-8 year technical breakthroughbudget for innovation institute;

  • Attach importance to productmanager system, and formulate serial product solution and establish anexhibition hall;

  • Sort out and analyze businessmodel, enhance information disclosure to public, and guide market valuemanagement;

  • Hold an innovation competitionannually in the company, take in innovation proposal from staff, and raisetheir sense of participation;

  • Attach importance to case studysummary to support operator orientation.

Corporate Value: Client Orientation, Innovation Motivation, Self Reflexion; Open and Integration, Honesty and Discipline, Mutual Growth

  • Self-developedCEEPOWER core courses , form 6 standard course, require employees to study andto pass the examination;

  • Effectivelycombine regulations and management mode and hold internal audit and rectificationtwo times each year;

  • Writepublished books about corporate culture integrating with core culture andcorporate study, to spread CEEPOWER Culture;

  • Integratecore value culture into human resource guideline, upgrade and optimize it onetime every year;

  • Upgradecorporate strategy each year and keep reflection of integration of corporatestrategy with corporate culture;

  • Require top executives to be internal trainerof corporate culture, and spread CEEPOWER’s core value culture.

  • Perceiveindustry trends, understand client requirements, constantly develop newsproducts to keep the technical leading place in such market segment, constantlyraise the cost performance to maintain the competitiveness of main productmarket, and constantly explore new applications to retain the leading place ofcore product market.

  • Inthe future, we will constantly raise the R&D investment, and seize the newopportunity of energy internet development through diverse technical innovationmechanism. CEEPOWER will be aimed at becoming energy internet system solutionoperator with the international perspective.

Talent Development

Talent Orientation

Human Capital is most precious resource for an enterprise. Quality products are made by quality staff, good management is organized by smart staff, and innovative products and technologies are created by staff’s creative thoughts and practice. CEEPOWER always values the management and development of human resource. In the spirit of “Talent Orientation,” CEEPOWER creates positive corporate culture, attracts and retains talents with good salary and benefit, broad development space, and premium corporate culture, constantly optimize human resource structure.

Employment Equality

The employment, cultivation, development, promotion, dismissal, etc. for CEEPOWER’s staff are not limited to nationality, religion, belief, gender, native place, age, health condition, etc. Everyone is equal in an access to opportunity.

Innovation Respect

Enterprise development is driven and motivated by innovation. Innovation is not just technical innovation, also includes management innovation, marketing innovation, etc. CEEPOWER’s rapid growth in recent years is attributed to the majority of innovative talents in technology, sales, management, etc. CEEPOWER constantly perfects the motivation system for R&D innovation as we deeply learn that good motivation system could fully motivate talents for innovation and meanwhile brings more talents in.

The detailed measures for CEEPOWER to respect innovation include quantifying achievements of management innovation and technical innovation and sharing the innovation benefits with relative innovation people; tending to cultivation of innovative talents in salary and benefit design and promotion opportunity; listing innovation as an important criteria for staff especially for manager in staff performance evaluation.

Competition for Best

CEEPOWER adheres to the employing system of “Openness, Fairness, Competition for Best” and “use the capable ones, replace the average ones, discharge the incapable ones ”. Proper people does correct things at proper position.

Fresh graduates

CEEPOWER hires fresh graduates every year from various universities all over the country, and has established a cultivation system for fresh graduates, maintaining a lasting vitality of human resource.

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